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Funnel Marketing

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Does your business need a marketing funnel?

You may now be thinking – here we go, another piece of marketing jargon….

But to put it in practical terms a marketing funnel concept can help your business to generate sales in a controlled way. How does it work? By attracting prospects through a combination of consumer psychology, on-line incentives, social networking and other marketing communications.

The idea is that, like a funnel, a wide net is cast to capture as many leads as possible, and then slowly nurture prospective customers through to the purchasing decision, narrowing down these buyers through each stage of the funnel.

consumer-psychology- funnel-marketing

A marketing funnel seeks to influence buyer behavior. At the top end of the funnel, potential consumers become aware of your brand. Soon they become familiar with it and begin to develop opinions about it. They then start to feel that your brand is suitable for their needs and then move toward the bottom of the funnel where they select a product or service. At the end of the funnel, buyers shop for the product and make a purchase.

However, by engaging the prospect at the top of the funnel, the likelihood of converting the prospect to a customer is significantly increased. The nurturing process means that by the time the prospect is ready to make a purchase they are already highly invested in your brand.

An example of only engaging at the bottom end of the funnel can be seen on LinkedIn. We’ve all seen the “feeding frenzy” that can result from a post asking for recommendations. Scenting blood, in a very short space of time the piranhas are circling! You’ll then be one of dozens of other businesses competing for the business.

How different this would be if you’d been able to engage the prospect at the top of the funnel and nurture them.


A marketing funnel contains a mix which acts as ingredients for creating customers. At the wide end, clients are added online and then delivered to the website. The site is managed to create interest and freshness – which keeps prospects returning. Moving along down the funnel, after a few visits to your site, a referral added to the marketing mix keeps the funnel moving. Finally, a customer makes a purchase.

A marketing funnel with social networking helps your business become the first item a customer sees when searching for a product online. At the top of the marketing funnel, “followers” are accumulated across all online social platforms. By optimizing your business on search engines, buyers see it first when searching for your product, which may trigger a sale at the end of the funnel.

A marketing funnel can be used to narrow down a wide net of prospects into a target audience. Offering articles, audio/video downloads or other free incentives may help to entice your audience to give permission to be addedto your database. As you build your target audience, you gain opportunities to demonstrate your expertise and guide them through the funnel to a sale.

Ultimately a marketing funnel has the objective of nurturing prospects through from an initial low awareness of your brand and to create a steady flow of customers through a defined marketing process.

Would you like to know more?

Just get in touch with us and we can arrange to meet to explain how we can create a successful marketing funnel that delivers ongoing customers to your business.

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