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Design Trends

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Design Trends
How to stay “On Trend” with your marketing

Fashions come, fashions go and the same is true of marketing design. What was “super-cool” once can easily become “sooo last year” (or last century!)

For many years “good” design was characterised by minimalism – lots of white space, muted colours and the use of sans serif fonts for typography. But now the wind of change is blowing. So what are the “trending” design themes that are now emerging?


The current creative mood is maximalist, with designers starting to be more creative with colour, embellishment and detail. Loud, bright colours are the order of the day. Tasteful, muted colour palettes are out, big and blowsy is in!

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Authentic pictures are being used; gone is the use of cheesy, staged stock photography. This is being driven by a wider movement across all areas of marketing for believable and credible brands. Hand drawn images and sketches are now the preference as well as use of bigger and bolder fonts

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Experimentation with textures in print_eggshell_solutions_design_print_websites_birmingham_solihull_quinton

Recycled and bespoke papers, embossing, foiling and high-gloss finishes bringing an extra element of textural surprise

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Here at Eggshell we can help your brand stay on trend and relevant.
Do you need to update a tired logo? Revive a dated brochure? Breathe new life into an outmoded website design?
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