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Christmas message

Posted: December 7, 2018-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: General, Marketing

A Christmas (Sales) Message of Hope

Marketing- First, let me be clear – this is not a religious message or an attempt to steal the Queen’s thunder…

I’m not in the habit of writing emotional, motivational type posts but hey, it’s nearly Christmas, and this is one for all the under-appreciated salespeople out there!

I know only too well the up and down nature of sales activity. One day you’re flying high with every enquiry turning into an order, the next enquiries go cold and your left wondering where the next sale is coming from (having checked that you haven’t got halitosis or terrible body odour)

So, my pithy little tale is about sayings that could be considered trite like “Never give up” or “Don’t judge a book by its cover” – you know the type of thing.

Anyway, the story is that we exhibited at a none too successful exhibition a while back, a bit off the beaten track and it had been a slow day. A few forlorn sales people had visited our stand, looking to sell to us their services rather than being interested in ours (Mind you it had just been good to have someone to talk to!)

We were packing away our display at the end of the day. A woman approached the stand and told me that she was thinking about starting her own business in a few months (Let’s call her Sally). Could we supply business cards for her? Well, of course, we could but it didn’t seem the greatest of leads (a) She wasn’t sure if and when she would be starting and (b) whilst we love designing and printing business cards it wasn’t going to be the biggest of orders.

But I was interested in her business idea and we discussed it at some length. Eventually we packed up and I arranged to send Sally some business card samples. I wasn’t really expecting anything to happen and I was proved correct!

We heard nothing more, but her details came up on our CRM system a few months later and I sent her an email asking whether she had started the business. There was no reply.

A few more months went by and she received several “marketing tips” communications from us but still nothing.

Then, 1 year after our initial meeting I got a call from Sally out of the blue….

No, she wasn’t going to start her own business because she had been promoted to Marketing Director at work. Could I meet with her to discuss next year’s marketing plan? Well yes, I’d be delighted!

I met with Sally and to “cut a long story short” her company has now become one of our largest customers. So even though I’d not a big fan of motivational sayings I’m going to use another one…

“Great oaks from little acorns grow”

So, if you’re in sales, and you’re having a tough time just now, take heart as we’ve all been there.

Don’t give up – Sally is just around the corner!

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