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How to make an exhibition of yourself
(in 5 easy steps)

Over the past few years we’ve made exhibiting at regional business exhibitions a key part of our marketing strategy.

Have you ever considered (or are you thinking of) exhibiting at a local business expo?

As we reach the summer break in expo activity I thought it might be helpful if I set down a few thoughts based on our experience to give you a better chance of seeing a return on the investment of exhibiting


Who are you looking to meet at the expo? We specifically target the SME market and so general business events such as those run by local Chambers of Commerce and the Midlands Business Network are excellent, cost effective and professional events that target this specific market. These events attract decision makers from this sector.

However, if your target audience is specialist fishmongers then you’ll need to look into exhibiting at a specialist trade show. Obvious I know, but I have met many niche businesses exhibiting at general business shows that don’t appear to have thought this through and are then subsequently disappointed with the results!


Ok, so you’re booked to exhibit at a business expo. The next thing you’ll need to think about is attracting the attention of visitors. Remember there can sometimes be 100+ exhibitors!

Too often this is an afterthought. Use an eye-catching, professional design that will call out to prospects across the room. If budget permits consider investing in a proper display backdrop rather than the obligatory pop up banner. Fabric displays are easy to assemble and transport and can typically be designed and produced for around £500-£700

Being lost in a sea of poorly designed pop up banners won’t help you to stand out and get the attention of the buyers…


So you’ve set up your eye-catching display. However, try to see things through the eyes of a visitor. All of these common exhibitor behaviours are not going to encourage engagement:

  • Yawning, looking bored
  • Standing in a huddle, talking to each other
  • Sitting behind a desk (creating a barrier)
  • Constantly using a mobile phone

You won’t have long to make an impression on visitors to your stand, so have a good understanding of what your key USPs are, so that they can easily understand what product or service you provide.


Hopefully, the expo has been a fantastic success and you’re leaving with bucket loads of business cards and enquiry forms. From experience I can confirm that few are going to turn into customers immediately on your return to work.

Most prospects are in the research phase when they talk to you and it could take many months more before they turn into buyers, so don’t be disappointed with low post expo sales. Instead concentrate on developing a marketing plan that will nurture the first contact at the expo through to the final purchase decision. This can be achieved by a mix of both traditional marketing and social media. (Spoiler Alert: we can help you to develop this!)


How will you know whether the expo has been a success? How will you know whether it is worth exhibiting next year?

I’d recommend calculating the Gross Profit over a 12 month period, given that there may be relatively few instant purchases.

So get planning, there are several local expo opportunities coming up during the September/October period.

I hope these pointers will help you have a successful event.

Eggshell can also supply all your expo needs; including displays, banners, promotional items and printing.

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