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Awareness Days

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Are you ready for an ambush?

One of the simple truths of marketing is that if people are unaware of your product or service then they can’t possibly buy it. I know this isn’t “rocket science” but over the years I’ve met many clients who seem to have forgotten this and who trust in some semi-mythical process by which this will happen.

One approach that can pay real dividends is to associate with specific events without paying sponsorship fees. Capitalizing on these events by “piggy backing” off them. This is technically termed “ambush marketing” but don’t worry, you won’t actually have to hide in the bushes to use this technique!

There are many, many “awareness days” (some would say far too many!) However they do present a great opportunity for maximizing your brand awareness.

A quick search of what’s going on in October revealed the following:

  • National Work Life Week – 1-5 October
  • World Vegetarian Day – 1 October
  • World Habitat Day – 1 October
  • World Space Week – 4-10 October
  • World Smile Day – 5 October
  • Wool Week – 8-14 October
  • British Egg Week – 8-14 October
  • World Post Day – 9 October
  • World Mental Health Day – 10 October
  • World Sight Day – 11 October
  • National Knitting Week – 13-21 October
  • Chocolate Week – 15-21 October
  • Global Handwashing Day – 15 October
  • World Food Day – 16 October
  • Apple Day – 21 October
  • National Nut Day – 22 October
  • National Curry Week – 22-28 October
  • National Cyber Security Awareness Month – all October

Phew! A few of these took me by surprise….

You can find details of what’s going on for any particular month here

So have a look to see if there are any events or awareness days taking place that relate to your business or organisation.

You could then put together an offer or proposal that relates to the event – for example a free sight test on World Sight Day or a 2 for 1 offer for National Curry Week (would be very popular in the West Midlands!)

And of course the biggie is coming – Black Friday on 23rdNovember, so again a fantastic opportunity to make sales off the back of the consumer hype generated in the run up to the day and the day itself.

So don’t get ambushed by the competition, stay ahead of the game – and talk to us at Eggshell Solutions if you need any help or advice in promoting a specific offer across print, email, social media or digital.

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